środa, 12 maja 2010

Taking food, as one of our daily activities (not to say PASSIONS ;-) is tightly related to the philosophy which we follow in our life. What is this philosophy? It is based on the simple rule that: every action we do, we try to make it as a n offering to the Supreme Lord, in order to give Him pleasure. Each meal in a day give a n opportunity to remember Him (of course , this is not the only way :-) When I prepare sandwiches, cook dinner, or bake a nice cake, I always try to think in the manner if He’ll like it. When everything is ready, I ask Him to kindly accept my work and its fruit - the prepared goodies.
In order to please a person, one has to become familiar with their habits, their desires, what they like and what they avoid. God is also a person – the Supreme Person, who has His “likes and dislikes”. The ancient Vedic scripture are rich in details explaining this Person, and we are great enthusiasts of the Vedas, which have given and still give so much good into our life.
I quite aware of the fact, that I’m uncovering this particular detail of our life, which is not very popular in today’s society. :-) I don’t intend to convert anyone, or boast about my being vegetarian. Elephants, deer, cows and many, many other creatures on earth are vegetarians, and they aren’t proud about it, but don’t even realize it.
My goal is to put forward the essence of our “being vegetarian”. We are vegetarians, because we don’t eat meat, and we don’t eat meat, because God doesn’t want us to eat it. If He wanted: in one moment we would reject the idea of vegetarianism, because we want His will to be the most important…